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Discovery of ARYABHATTA - The Genius Indian Mathematician

If we look back at ancient Indian history, it can be without a doubt stated that India was always leading the race in any domain, be it education or history. The stature that India currently enjoys is because of the contributions of varied knowledgeable intellects. Aryabhatta was one of them. Aryabhata was a renowned scientist & mathematician whose contributions have shaped the scientific domain of the world and not just India. This video talks about Aryabhata's contributions and the books written by him, which were Aryabhatiya, Aryasiddhanta, etc, clearly defining how Aryabhata was the one to plant the seed of Vedic mathematics. The video covers various concepts that Aryabhata gave in his books & are now established again using a modern approach.


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Added: 31-01-2024

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