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Plant Extracts, Natural Ingredients, Herbal Extracts Producer - Hunan World Well-being Biotech

Hunan World Well-being Biotech Co.,Ltd. is located in Shimen Economic and Technological Development Zone, which is known as "the hometown of orange & tea". It covers an area of more than 4.95 acres. We produce all kinds of Standardized Extract & Ratio Extract from Chinese Herbal, Fruit &Vegetable Powder, Instant Tea Powder, Mushroom powder and other products, which are wdely used in medicine, healthcare products, food, cosmetics and feed industry. Hunan World Well-being Biotech Co.,Ltd is an enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales of botanical extract.The company has complete equipment for Equiped with extraction, concentration, column chromatography, spray drying, vacuum drying, crushing, mixing, screening, packaging, HPLC, GC, atomic absorptior, spectrophotometer, ultraviolet-uisible spectrophotometer, rapid moisture meter. It has a clean area of more than 400 square meters, perfect pilot plant equipment and crystallization and purification equipment for high-content products. It can process more than 1000 tons of Chinese herbal medicine raw materials every year. convenient transportation. We made full use of the local natural drug resources in Shimen, Hunan Province, and developed Eucommia ulmoides extract (chlorogenic acid 5%-98%, 98% aucubin, 90% terpineol diglucoside, 90% Eucommia ulmoides glycoside), citrus extract (Citrus Fruit instant powder, 90% hesperidin, 30% synephrine, 96% dihydrochalcone, orange peel oil, etc.) Tea extracts (98% tea polyphenols, 80% catechin, 99% theanine, 99.9% theaflavin, 98% EGCG) and other standard plant extracts and various single traditional Chinese medicine extracts. The company provides plant extracts for processing, which are produced in full accordance with the customer's production process requirements, and strictly keep the customer's information confidential.


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Added: 08-03-2023

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