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Before you buy a new seat, measure your leg. If your leg length is less than 16 inches, a 16 inch saddle is recommended. Longer leg length should be at least 17 inches. A 17-inch saddle is possible for those with a longer leg. A larger seat should be between 18-19 inches. Remember, the saddle pad must be at least one inch larger than its size. Before buying a horse saddle, find out the horse's measurements. A standard size will work for a horse of average stature. For larger horses, a saddle may have a wider gullet. Your horse's breed can also influence the size of your saddle's mouth. An Arabian horse has a narrower back than a Thoroughbred. Consult your trainer to get an exact measurement. To find the right saddle size for your horse, you should first determine its conformation. It is important that you scan your horse from both the front and sides. Extra padding may be required for horses with narrower withers. Consider purchasing a shoulder pad to ensure a snug fit. For the average-to-wide withered horse, a medium-to-wide tree is usually sufficient. A horse with flat or average withers, on the other hand, needs a wide tree. If you are in between two sizes, consider going up a size. Most saddles are available in 17-inch sizes. These can make saddles uncomfortable. Consider the type of riding that you'll be doing. Saddles that are intended for leisure riding will be less comfortable and may be more comfortable. However, saddles that are meant for barrel racing or ranch work might need to be wider and deeper. If in doubt, use the same measurements as for men. Western saddles come with different sizes of seats. A Western saddle seat size is about four inches longer than the seat of an average adult saddle. You might need to increase your size if you are too tall. A shorter rider might need a bigger seat or vice-versa. Depending on your weight and height, the right saddle size will fit you comfortably. Before you buy a saddle for your horse, you'll need to measure and weigh yourself. If you aren't sure of your thighbone measurement, try on a few different saddles until you find the one that fits you best. The seat size of a Western saddle is usually one to two inches smaller than the English. If in doubt, order a size larger. It is a good rule of thumb to measure at the saddle nail. This nail is located at the saddle's top. The seat size is the high point of the saddle's cantle.


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