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As expected, the brand witnessed an increase in sales along with a new facelift in product visibility after utilizing Ossisto’s E-commerce services. Ossisto ensured cost cutting as well for the client by hiring an additional workforce that consisted of integrated virtual assistants. The brand also witnessed a 200% increase in traffic. This was seen within six months of using Ossisto’s Ecommerce services by the optimization of the marketing platform. The value and the quality of the products also increased as the sales values started increasing. The brand, being aware of Ossisto’s services on Shopify, approached the team to create an ecommerce fulfillment platform in the form of an ecommerce marketing store. Ossisto then took charge of providing optimum Ecommerce services to do the needful. These included creating the ecommerce marketing store to provide ecommerce fulfillment with a suitable backend module while revamping the brand products through digital marketing. For any company, the main objective is to prioritize its business needs. To do so and to make the business grow, e-commerce fulfillment by ecommerce marketing is essential. Ossisto provides Ecommerce services for all sorts of ecommerce fulfillment and ecommerce marketing needs based on the customer’s requirements.


Main category: Business

Sub category: Advertising and Marketing

Tags: virtual assistant

Added: 26-10-2022

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