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Why Clubhouse Social Media App is Popular? Facts & Info

Why Clubhouse is talk of the town? ‘Clubhouse invite code free’ or ‘clubhouse app invite code’ are some terms you might come across while searching for something. Do you think it has something worth buying or deserve to have, didn’t you ?? Here, we are trying to answer some relevant questions asked by our readers. What is the difference between clubhouse apps from other social media? What is exciting about the clubhouse? What is the clubhouse app ? Clubhouse is an audio based social network app created in March 2020 by Paul Davidson and Rehan South. However, it captured wide attention when Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently appeared. Clubhouse generate ‘rooms’ to chat, greet, listen or host. When the user enters the app, he/she is presented with a list of rooms and it shows who is in each room. You can eavesdrop(LOL), join a chatroom or start a conversation creating a room of your own and invite others. Each room comprises listeners, moderators who manage chat rooms and speakers. If you need to speak kindly, ‘raise your hand’ and the moderator will let you substantiate your ideas. Read More


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