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The Hindu University of America offers courses in a system of Hindu philosophy that emphasizes critical thinking, morality, and introspection. It trains students for service, leadership and engagement in the world by promoting Hindu culture and traditions in an academically independent environment. Hindu University of America offers many courses like: Vedas Courses, Sanskrit Courses, Vedic Studies Courses, Hindu Vedas. .....
Hindu University of America offers many courses such as: Vedic Courses, Sanskrit Courses, Vedic Study Courses, Hindu Vedas. We will read, reflect and discuss Autobiography of a Yogi from cover to cover, covering approximately fifty pages each session. We will examine in detail the specific events depicted in the book in their historical, cultural, spiritual and thematic context. The first 27 years of Yogananda's life were spent mainly in Bengal at an important moment in Indian history; he spent virtually all of the next 32 years in America (with the notable exception of one year in his homeland), spanning the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression and World War II. His classic autobiography was published in December 1946. Topics to be explored include: Yogananda's descriptions of basic Hindu teachings; his deft adaptation of Hindu dharma to modern American culture and values; his attempts to balance innovation and tradition; the nuances of the guru-disciple relationship (Yogananda was, for many, a devoted chela and guru); the racism and bigotry he encountered as a public-facing Hindu in America; Yogananda as an example of renunciation in the world and someone deeply devoted to his dharma; how to understand the miraculous feats of yogic mind power that his book brilliantly describes. Importantly, the course will also highlight what Yogananda left out. As the author of the groundbreaking biography, The Life of Yogananda, Philip Goldberg fills in many of the gaps and sheds light on the facts of the book's writing and publication, plus important details about Yogananda's complex and fascinating life that are not mentioned in the Autobiography. a yogi – or in many cases anywhere else. Yogananda's book is as relevant today as it was 75 years ago. The life it depicts is unique in many ways, but it is also a model for all who seek spiritual progress amid the challenges of worldly life. .....

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